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Julia Place has two designated parking areas for residents who have either purchased a deeded parking space or are renting a space from another owner.

The surface (uncovered) lot is accessed by a vehicle gate on Tchoupitoulas Street. The garage (inside, covered) is accessed by a vehicle gate on Notre Dame Street.

� Parking regulations are under the supervision of the Board of Directors.
� Only vehicles with a valid Parking Permit may park in Julia Place parking (garage or surface lot).
� Long-term parking is not permitted at the entrance in front of the building. If you must stop briefly at the entrance, you may do so for no more than 10 minutes according to city parking regulations (with exception of moving in or out). Long-term parking may result in your car being ticketed or towed.
� Each unit owner will be issued a Parking Permit with a number that corresponds to your parking spot. Additional permits may be purchased for $40.
� Permits must be displayed in your vehicle at all times while parked in Julia Place parking. Permit numbers must correspond to the parking spot.
� Residents must only park in spaces which correspond to their Parking Permit number.
� From time to time, as determined by the Board of Directors, garage and gate remotes may be reset with advance notice given to all owners.
� Only emergency repairs are permitted in parking areas. Repairs to cars other than emergencies are prohibited.
� Use of parking facilities is at users own risk.
� Towing will result when cars are illegally parked. If you need to have a car towed, contact the management company or the after-hours emergency number posted.
� No parking is allowed in designated/posted �no parking� areas of the garage or surface lot.

The Association reserves the right to remove any vehicles at the expense of the respective owner if:
� It is parked in an unauthorized place or manner
� It is not registered as a resident auto
� It is not displaying a Parking Permit

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